blurhawaii (blurhawaii) wrote,

A Quarter To Sunrise - Fic Masterlist

Title: A Quarter To Sunrise
Author: blurhawaii
Artist: slinkymilinky
Fandom: Supernatural, Western AU
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Language and mild violence.
Word Count: 41,200

Summary: Western AU. Demons still exist. Sam and Dean grew up hearing tales of the yellow eyed man that killed their mother. Now that they are older, they spend their lives both chasing down the allusive man and being chased themselves. A preacher, Castiel, somehow gets involved and eventually reveals that he is more weaved into their tale than any of them ever realized. A, mystery filled, road trip story about revenge, set on horseback.
Notes: Thanks slinkymilinky for all your hard work. Your artwork is amazing and I was lucky to have you for an artist. Also thanks to make5hift_wings for the beta. Thanks for straightening this mess out into something good.

Tags: dean/cas big bang, supernatural
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